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Our Mission

2nd Chance Resale’s mission is to advance the independence, productivity and self-sufficiency of people with disabilities through employment opportunities and reaching out to our community by suppoprting those in need.

A Winning Combination

Our mission is a winning combination for everyone including our friends at New Horizons. We invite you to participate in our mission as well. Your donations are greatly needed to help achieve our goals and in return, our resale store will provide a fun place to shop for basic goods including clothing for all members of the family, household items, toys and more – at a great value.

Fulfilling the Mission

An independent, productive and self-sufficient person is a person with a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem. These factors and other benefits of being a productive employee enable a person to contribute to and gain from the community. In supporting 2nd Chance Resale, you help us provide these exceptional services to our employees with disabilities along with contributing to New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers.

Thank you very much.